Silver Pendants of Natural Crystals
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Background and Philosphy of Patricia Wilson, Jewelry Artisan

All the silver jewelry shown here has been conceived, designed and created by Patricia Wilson.

As both an Architect and Jewelry Artisan, her approach to design has always been sculptural, natural, organic and spiritual. She takes pleasure in sculpting a natural crystal, gemstone or mineral into a an exciting piece of wearable art. These permit the wearer, user or admirer to enhance his or her beingness and life enjoyment. One may be displayed as an objet d'art, since they are designed with a concealed integral bail and the artisan's logo PD, verso.

She has been involved in the Arts as a life long passion. Her creativity has inspired her to create in the fields of printmaking, drawing, collage, sculpture, and Architecture.

She has studied with 5 different exceptional jewelry makers and teachers. She started this business on Ebay, where she displays for sale several lines of silver jewelry. INFINITY, the symbol of "universal spirituality", is a complete line in sterling silver, and is the most prominent and appreciated. The other lines of sterling silver are: Gingko (ginkgo), Equus Dentis, Vulcan, Coral and Cuttle. Check them out at our other stores:

Patrician Jewelry

"Crystallum Ornatus", for which this Gallery was created, has become the all-consuming passion of Patricia. Create, create, create! is her mantra. Taking gorgeous creations of "mother nature" and transforming them so people can wear them with great enjoyment and well-being, so please enjoy your visit. Retail and wholesale buyers are welcome.

Send any questions, comments or price inquiries by email or call (914) 941-5478
In person presentations may be requested in NY, CT, or NJ.

Express your individuality, wear a natural stone that speaks to you and of you.



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